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As a young child, my mother told us to stop drinking from the faucet and drink bottled water instead. It was weird because it was so sudden after the s ummer drinking from waterholes in the yard and drinking well water in the country community with my grandfather. My mother never gave an explanation. However, we continued to drink from water bottles, and recycling became important for the rest of my upbringing.


  • To provide clean, safe, and healthy water to communities while helping improve the environment for a better climate.
  • To plant one tree for every case sold.


We vision a world where communities have access to clean, safe, and healthy water and one where our oceans are no longer polluted by plastic bottle waste. Our vision is to prevent the worst of global warming in ways that will improve awareness and understanding of climate change amongst humans and animals. We will motivate the world to undertake these small, but significant changes to their routine in daily recycling and planting trees in the community, which can collectively make a big difference in changing climate change.

What Makes Us Different from Other Providers?

  • The water bottle is 100% recyclable, 98% landfill biodegradable, 65% compostable.
  • The company will donate water to at-risk water communities.
  • The company will plant trees to help the climate through OneTreePlanted.

What Makes Us Unique in the Industry?

  • Planting trees
  • Donating 10% water to at-risk communities
  • Donating 10% water to at-risk communities


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